Taler Demo


This is the entry point of the Taler demo. Follow the instructions and try Taler with the other pages linked below!

You can learn more about Taler on our main website.

Step 1: Install the Taler wallet

Install the wallet from the installation page. It only takes one click.

You don't have a wallet installed yet.

Congratulations, you have installed the Taler wallet correctly. You can now proceed with the next steps.

Step 2: Withdraw coins

Now you can withdraw coins into your wallet by going to our bank. In this demo you're paying with KUDOS, an imaginary currency. When you create an account at our bank, you'll get 100 KUDOS for free.

We can't check if you were able to complete this step, since websites can't see the balance in your wallet. Please click on the Taler icon in your browser to check your balance.

Step 3: Pay

We have two demo merchants where you can spend your coins:

Step 4: Check money flow

Step 5: Merchant? Consult back-office

Step 6: Reach out to us

Let us know what you think by contacting us.