This is the GNU Taler demo.
Here you can try out the GNU Taler payment system using a toy currency.

GNU Taler logo

Step 1: Install the Taler wallet

Install the wallet from the installation page.
Installation only takes one click.

After installation, you may be asked to grant the browser-based Taler wallet additional optional permissions that allow it to improve your user experience.
These permissions will allow the wallet to automatically open if a page asks for a Taler payment.
Regardless of the permissions you grant, the wallet will never transmit information about you or your browsing history to anyone.

Step 2: Withdraw coins

In this demo you are paying with KUDOS, an imaginary currency.
To withdraw KUDOS coins you must first create an account at our bank.
Signing up only requires you to pick a username and password.
When you create an account at our bank, you will be credited 100 KUDOS for signing up.
Afterwards, use the bank's Web interface to authorize the transfer of KUDOS to your wallet.

Once you have completed this step, you can click on the Taler icon in your browser to check your balance.

Step 3: Pay

We have two demo merchants where you can spend your coins:

Step 4: Check money flow

You can see the wire transfers from the escrow account of the exchange to the merchants on the public accounts page of the bank.
Note that only accounts configured to be publicly viewable are shown on that page.

Step 5: Reach out to us

We appreciate feedback about Taler and this demonstrator.
Let us know what you think by contacting us.

You can learn more about GNU Taler on our main website.

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